Order from your favorite restaurants & track on the go, with the all-new FOODIE app.


for your restaurant means

Faster table orders

Your customers have the loyalty of ordering themselves without any wait for a waiter or standing in a queue.

More reorders

Get more orders during peak hours and from areas that do not get as much attention from your waiters.

Personalized service

Use more time for dedicated service rather than taking orders, reorders and processing payments.

Auto location detector

Helps to introduce you to new customers around you more easily.

Individualized choices

Allow customers to make better choices by customizing there preferences.

On top of all, You can get to know your customers better

Find out what dishes they like, incentivize them with loyalty programs, track sales in real time, and much more.

IMENUS is flexible

to different venue types and their individual processes

Fast orders

Eliminate waiting lines and generate more orders and reorders as your customers order within seconds without queues.

Full-service restaurants

Eliminate waiting times for your customers to order, reorder and pay so that they enjoy a relaxed restaurant experience.

Self-service Restaurants

Eliminate waiting lines and avoid that your guests need to look for an empty seat/table with a tray full of food and drinks.

Take Away

Allow customers to order their favorite meals from your restaurant to enjoy in the privacy of their homes using the same app they use in your restaurant.